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"breath" celebrates the memory-forming process we inherit through the physical body as well as express through digital technology. The same components that build human memory also exist within the structures of our technology. Many different geometries lie inside nature - code within DNA, fractals formed in the veins of a leaf, the patterns water carves out of stone. Algorithms taking shape in the modern world continue to advance technologies that assist and often complicate the human experience. 


But human memory is malleable and ever-changing; nature is unpredictable and mysterious. “breath” seeks to capture the wonder of these structures that build our past, present, and future circumstances. Starting from a single point of light, the animation and accompanying audio will draw from nature motifs and modern design to build a multi-faceted visual symphony of light, pattern, and colour onto the Yeltsin Center media facade. 


“breath” meditates on the potential for digital advancement to reflect, embody, and re-imagine more symbiotic relationships that uplift the global experience. The dynamic animation of multiple different styles of pattern harmonizing into one visual landscape evokes a longing for perfection in difference. 


Farnaz Khosh-Sirat


Erfan Ashourioun

Yekaterinburg, Russia 2020

part of Genius Loci Weimar Festival

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