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Farnaz Khosh-Sirat is an Iranian light artist & designer based in Chicago, Il, who works mainly in video, sculpture & exploration of sound. strong influences of her work include a curiosity for the sublime and paradise, as well as elements of Persian pattern works and motifs symbolizing light and nature.

Khosh-Sirat received her BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2017 and has shown work in Genius Loci Weimar Festival and Zakaib. She has presented solo exhibitions at 3rd Coast Cafe and Siragusa Gallery. She also designed creative content and VJ'd for musicians including Ali Azimi, City of Djinn, the Silver Room and Spring Awakening.


as an Iranian who has resided in various parts of the world, i am curious about the nuances of sacred spaces in the shifting cultures around me. my work engages the audience in my exploration of spiritual truths, human behavior, healing, and human relationships to the sublime.

i utilize persian architectural structures and patterns that evoke paradise & through the play with different mediums such as music, sculpture & video, personify human fragility in the contrasting positions between man and nature.

as my practice progresses, i have begun to question the idea of paradise, and am invested in manipulating light within space to create pause and meditative room to celebrate an honest struggle with truth.

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